How much do digital marketing agencies charge in India? 2023 Latest Insight

If you decide to outsource your marketing functions, the first question to rise in your mind is “But how much do they cost? Is it even worth it?” 
knowing the prices beforehand can help you clear your head and decide what you want so it is a good thing that you’re doing your research.
Marketing is a crucial investment for your business, so why not become a nerd and know more about the pool? The cost depends on a lot of factors from what type of agency or marketer are you approaching and how many services you will avail yourself of.

Charges According to Types Of Agency

There are three types of digital marketing agencies you’ll generally come across in the whole spectrum of this vertical.

Performance Marketing Agencies:

As the name suggests these marketing agencies are performance oriented. These agencies focus on pay-per-action strategies. The cost will depend upon the clicks and performance your advertisement gets and the services you have availed yourself of

digital marketing agencies charge
Branding & PR Marketing agency

Social Media Marketing + PR Agencies:

These agencies use social media channels like (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) to create your impact in the market. They do not only include creating singular posts, they also craft PR campaigns for you. They engage with influencers and create hashtags to fabricate your digital footprint.  

New Digital Marketing AgencyStart-ups:

These agencies will go an extra mile for you as a post-sale marketing technique of marketing agency. You can find great deals and reasonable prices when you approach Digital Agency Start-ups.

Digital Marketing agency for Start-ups

Digital Marketing Agency Charges as per Services Provided

A few of the Digital Marketing services are listed below:

  1. SEO projects
  2. Pay-per-click plans
  3. Web Designing and Development Package
  4. Branding and Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Social Media Marketing &  PR
  7. Campaigning

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